For the audience to expect the unexpected is a goal of ‘J.T Vincent’s Dirty Little Secretss’ show at Wiley’s Comedy Niteclub on Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. The variety show isn’t about comedians but will feature musicians, dancers, an improvisational group and other acts that stray away from normal procedure.

“While watching trends in the industry, I have noticed an exceptional homesickness for a variety that has been killed off by an entertainment trade that is only interested in homogenizing art for mass consumption and cloning a successful style ad nauseum. While this is a new approach, it borrows heavily from the past eras, taking from them the ideas that were smothered in society’s tendencies towards instant gratification and excess,” said J.T Ryder, a creator of the show, along with Vincent Holiday.

‘Dirty Little Secrets’ was developed to offer a rare opportunity for the audience to not know what is coming next and experience some anticipation. Most other performances follow the exact same format, leaving no room for variety or unexpected surprises. Like having breakfast foods for dinner, ‘Dirty Little Secrets,’ looks to turn things around.

“When I watch people attending various types of entertainment events, I have noticed either a manic desperation or a vapid acceptance of a cookie-cutter model of entertainment. Within the comedy industry, it has become de rigueur for the evening to progress from emcee to opening act to headliner and ending with, ‘Thanks and don’t forget to tip the wait staff.’ Gone are the days of improvisational leisure pursuits,” said Ryder.

The first evening of diverse acts will include the musical comedy of Henrique Couto, the seductive dance of Geborah, laughs from Underbelly, a comedy improv troupe from Cincinnati, and the incredible voice of Patricia Berg. There are plans for future events, all of which will include music that ranges from jazz, Celtic to bluegrass and an assortment of dancing styles from burlesque to interpretational.

The wait staff will be dressed as pin-up girls representing their favorite era. “I want the audience to sit back without expectation, sip a well made martini and relax. I want the performers to be able to present the type of entertainment that can’t be pigeonholed and cannot find an outlet for,” said Ryder.

Tickets for a ‘Dirty Little Secrets,’ at 8:00 p.m. on Feb. 16 are $10. For reservations call (937) 244-JOKE.