Winter's Yuletide Gathering Rings in Success


By Wendy Bauder

This year’s Winter’s Yuletide Gathering resembled more of an Indian Summer Yuletide with its balmy weather and gorgeous fall colors. A far cry from last year’s brisk temperatures and howling winds, this year’s celebration was greeted with seventy degree sunshine and streets crowded with excited patrons. Tipp City bustled with activity over the weekend with people spilling out of the restaurants and eateries to sip an iced coffee or enjoy their lunch at outdoor tables. With an absence of pesky bugs and blustery weather, the unexpected fall sun was the perfect accoutrement to the weekend’s outfit.

Many shops put on the ritz with stunning décor, creative food platters, complimentary beverages and even live piano music. Becky Ford, of the Old Tippecanoe Coffee Company, arranged fluffy, white cupcakes in the shape of a flocked Christmas tree garnished with miniature candy canes. The Earth’s Center greeted shoppers on the streets and handed out ink pens touting their website. People were able to quench their thirst with glasses of water provided without charge from the recently opened Designer’s Fashion Outlet on Fourth Street and even the Library began with hot cider but quickly changed its fare to cold juice to better suit the weather.

One Main Street surprise was the delightful melody that floated on the air just outside the Hotel Gallery. The musical arrangements combined with the “tinny” sound of the grand piano lent itself to the feel of the historic Tippecanoe time period. What sounded like a player piano was, in actuality, the wonderful talent of Michael Garison, a Wright State student “playing his way” through college. His selection of music ranged from classical to seasonal to ragtime though his repertoire includes selections appropriate for weddings, funerals, banquets and church activities. Michael’s talent belies his major which is not music as one might guess. Instead, Michael tickles the ivories for college tuition with the intent of teaching the German language upon graduation. (For more information, contact:

Sam and Ethel’s restaurant helped ring in the yuletide season by lighting their newly refurbished sign which, as was previously reported in TippNews Daily, signified their much-anticipated (re)opening. This Main Street restaurant has long been a part of Tipp City’s warm history and it was thrilling to see this piece of culture continue to hold a prominent place in Tipp’s future.

The sights and sounds of the season wouldn’t be complete without Dickens-style carolers. Although the weather did not lend itself to capes and top hats, the singers remained in costume, strolling the streets and spreading cheer with their voices.

Equally festive were the old-fashioned horse and carriage rides up and down Main Street. Children and adults alike stood in line all weekend to enjoy a nostalgic ride through Tipp City.

If you missed the event this past weekend, all is certainly not lost. Soon enough the weather will match the season and the decorations will be a reminder that Yule is upon us. You can continue to enjoy the hospitality of the merchants, the Christmas shopping and the downtown decorations for weeks to come. “Save a Trip; Shop in Tipp!”


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