The Board of Education of Tipp City Schools would like to thank the levy committee for their support and hard work in getting the word out about our upcoming five-year Emergency Renewal Levy. Many in our community have worked to distribute information to homes in neighborhoods, place signs, and attend local meetings and gatherings to answer questions and communicate the need. Special thanks go to Carli Amlin Dean, the committee chair, Scot Clyne, the treasurer, and tireless volunteers, Ginger Freitag and Noel Winblad. Individuals on the committee have given countless hours, offering strategic expertise and talking with community members.

The majority of decision-making about school finance in Ohio rests in the hands of the voters at the local level. This levy means NO NEW TAXES. Though the Ohio legislature has cut $1.3 million dollars from their portion of our budget this year, our administrators have found creative ways to adjust so very little of the additional burden has been passed along to the local taxpayers.

These operating dollars account for 28% of our school budget and help us pay for the salaries of teachers and other employees, purchases of textbooks and technology, utilities and other day-to-day operating expenses. We hope you will join us in continuing to support our schools, just ranked “Excellent” by the State of Ohio for the sixth straight year. If you would like to contribute to the levy campaign, checks can be sent to Tipp City School Levy Campaign, Scot Clyne, treasurer, P.O. Box 381, Tipp City, OH 45371.

Great schools are the foundation of a great community. Join us on November 8 in voting YES for Tipp City Schools.


The Tipp City Board of Education

Carla Frame, President

Tom Merritt, Vice President

Scott Dixon

Kate Johnsen

Frank Maus