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Candidates file for November elections

Candidates file for November elections
Candidates file for November elections
The listing below was updated Friday, Aug. 6, at 3:30 PM to reflect changes in the filing lists provided by the Miami County Board of Elections in the filings of candidates for Tipp City council, Bethel schools, and Bethel Township trustee.
Please note: Kathryn Huffman filed as a candidate for a two-year term on Tipp City Council. The board of elections previously incorrectly listed her as a candidate for one of four, four-year terms on the November ballot. Also note: Julie Reese filed as a candidate for the four-year term on Bethel Township trustees. She was initially omitted from the filing list; Ryan Masin is a candidate for the two-year term on the Bethel Township trustees; and Kama Dick is a candidate for the full four-year term as trustee. Masin and Dick previously were listed under the wrong terms being sought. The board of elections said the mistakes were due to coding errors. 
The Board of Elections will meet at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 11, to certify petitions of candidates.
According to the Miami County Board of Elections most recent update:


Those filing for the Tipp City schools board of education were:
BJ Bethel
Amber Drum
Richard F. Mains
Don Petsch
Lydia E. Pleiman
Neither of the two board members whose terms expire this year – Corine Doll and Joellen Heatherly – filed for re-election.


Those filing for the (2) two-year terms on Tipp City Council were:
Frank Scenna
Robert Schwab
Kathryn Huffman
These two seats were filled by the council in January 2020 with the appointments of Kathryn Huffman and Mike Jackson. Huffman filed to complete the term; Jackson is not seeing election, and Scenna currently is completing a council term.
Filing for the (4) four-year seats on the council were:
Meagan Albert
Greg Enslen
John Kessler
Ryan A. Liddy
Joanna Pittenger
Logan Rogers
Doug S. Slagel
Rogers is a current council member and Kessler previously served on the council.


Filing for Bethel Twp. Trustee to complete two years of a term:
Donald R. Black
Ryan Masin
Black was appointed to the trustees.
Filing for Bethel Twp. Trustee (2) four-year terms were:
Kama Dick
Lorna Furderer
Beth Ewald van Haaren
Julie Reese
Carolyn Walsh Wright
Wright and van Haaren are seeking re-election.


Filing for three seats on the Bethel Board of Education
Brian Aller
Natalie Donahue
Danny F. Elam Jr.
Jessica Franz
Steve Phipps
Elam is seeking re-election.


Filing for two seats on Monroe Twp. Trustees:
Philip G. Cox
Martin English
Cox and English are both seeking re-election