Pictured from the left: City Manager Jon Crusey, Police Chief Davidson, Mark Mabelitini Rotary President and Mayor Dee Gillis

While the Tipp City  did have defibrillators in each of their vehicles, Police Chief Davidson admits that 3 of them were in very poor condition. The police vehicles carry the AED devices in case they respond to a heart attack emergency. The officers are trained to use the emergency device to restart the victims heart and keep them stabilized until the EMS squad arrives on the scene.

“These (defibrillators) are much needed and welcome as we often arrive at the scene of an emergency  before the EMS squad” stated Chief Davidson. “Its a great way to help out the community”.

Tipp City Rotary President Mark Mabelitini shared that the Rotary is always seeking out great places to help out in the community. “Each year we have a mission to help a particular organization or group and we are very happy to support Tipp City in this way”, stated Mabelitini.