Dancing with the StarsOne of television’s most popular shows, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has announced its cast for the upcoming fall season. As always it’s a eclectic group, featuring three ‘stars’ that I had never heard of. Am I getting that old? Though I don’t watch it, I’m always interested in seeing who the competitors will be.

Following in the path of Cloris Leachman and Buzz Aldrin as the senior citizen is Florence Henderson. It’s depressing to me that Mrs. Brady, who remains one of my lustful desires has reached that status in life….Did I really just say that? Cover that floor with some Wesson Oil and watch Florence sizzle. I suppose Betty White was to busy, still actually having a career.

The role of a female beauty went to Audrina Patridge. I had never heard of her, she stars on ’The Hills.’ Guess it’s time to stop watching so many ’Brady Bunch’ reruns.

To satisfy the female audience is Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino from the MTV series, ‘Jersey Shore.’ I just wonder if he will be able to stay sober long enough to be able to compete. The dancing will be more challenging than keeping up with Snookie.

Filling the need for professional athletes is retired quarterback Kurt Warner and former basketball player Rick Fox. And in the category of…remember me? is Michael Bolton,
Brandy and comedian Margaret Cho.

Though without the deceased Patrick Swayze and with the limitations of being on national television, fans of the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ can relive the glory as Jennifer Grey is part of the cast.

Finally, the dream to be on reality tv will come true for Bristol Palin. Am just glad that Levi isn’t part of the cast. And she’ll be able to work off some of that unwanted weight from giving birth.

Also scheduled to dance is Kyle Massey from ‘Cory in the House.’ Has anyone heard of that? And last but not least, David Hasselhoff in his trademark leather pants.

The 11th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ begins September 20 at 8 p.m. Despite this cast, I probably won’t be tuning in, except maybe to see Mrs. Brady!