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Episode #61 – Army Strong with Sgt. Dodge

Army Strong

Army Strong on Get Social!

Mike and Greg welcomed United States Army recruiter Sergeant Robert Dodge to the set of the Get Social Show today to chat about Army recruiting and the “other” side of life in Iraq (Sgt. Dodge served two tours of duty in Iraq in forward reconnaissance)

Sgt. Dodge shared that the most memorable part of serving in Iraq was observing the stark difference in the country from when he arrived (early on in the conflict) to when he left. Initially the Iraqi people were afraid that we (the US) were going to change their way of life, stop them from practicing their religion, etc. When they saw that we were just there to keep the peace, repair the damage and restore order they welcomed our participation.

Listen in to the whole show for our 40 minute interview of Sgt. Dodge or catch the replay on KIT-TV Channel 5 Thursday at 9PM, Saturday at Noon or Monday at Noon.


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