Have the Perfect Date with Tim Cavanagh at Wiley's


Typically Valentine’s Day is all about touching the heart, but this year you can exceed your date’s expectations by having their funny bones tickled by Tim Cavanagh. The quick-witted comedian, known for his one-minute songs, will be performing at Wiley’s Comedy NiteClub on Feb. 10-12 and a special Valentine’s Day show on the 14th.

There will be plenty of laughs as well as romance in the air as Cavanagh promises a couple extra love songs and some special prizes geared towards the holiday. “It will be things that say love, like maybe a Charlie Sheen lighter or something,” said Cavanagh.

Married for over thirty years, Cavanagh is extremely loyal to his wife and surprises her with flowers on occasion. His efforts toward being a romantic at times fall short, such as when he brought her a Indiana keychain for an anniversary gift while on the way back to their Chicago home. Cavanagh still hasn’t been allowed to forget the purchase despite the number of people in Arkansas who would cherish such a gift.

“I’m not so good at the sentimental stuff, everything ends up with a joke,” said Cavanagh, who has written a couple serious songs, one of which he sang at their wedding. However, it’s songs such as ‘Fry Up an Eagle,’ ‘Really Safe Sex,’ and ‘Piston Souvenirs’ that endeared him thousands of fans across the country.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Cavanagh plans to take his wife for dinner at a restaurant the level of ‘Red Lobster’ or above, and encourages others to choose Wiley’s as their romantic destination. “Wiley’s is a warm and intimate setting, with some great restaurants in the Oregon District and some marital aid shops down the street,” he said.

A specialty in Cavanagh’s shows is his interaction with the audience, a skill that he’s developed through his career. “When I first started I was petrified of the audience, I didn’t want to talk them and they didn’t want me to talk to them. We had an understanding and I was fine with that.”

The wall was eventually broken and interacting with the audience has since become Cavanagh’s favorite part of his act. It presents a challenge and makes every show different as it’s never known who is going to be out there.

Opening for Cavanagh will be Dayton’s own Ryan Singer, who was one of four finalists in CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest. “We will have a Singer who doesn’t sing, and me who does,” said Cavanagh.

Cavanagh manages to be funny without using dirty content, his material is to be enjoyed by all audiences. “It’s a clean show, a couple can come on their first date and I won’t make them blush, unless the date is your mother.”

Make this an unforgettable Valentine’s Day weekend by enjoying a perfect date with Tim Cavanagh at Wiley’s Feb. 10-12 & 14. Showtime on Thursday is 8 p.m. for $5, Friday is 9 p.m. for $10 and Saturday is 8 p.m. & 10:30 p.m. for $12. The Tuesday show is 8 p.m. for $10. For reservations call 224-JOKE (5653).



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