Press Release: Roll Out a Carpet of Beautiful Color in Summer with Carpet Border Lilies


The shortest type of lily, carpet border lilies are the best choice for borders and walkways.

Easy-care and low-maintenance, carpet border lilies are a superb choice for any type of garden.
These low-growing plants—often just 15 inches tall—are perfect for front garden borders, containers and along walkways.  With lots of showy blooms, a long bloom time and carefree nature, gardeners can’t go wrong with the carpet border lily.

Multi-Level Displays Last for Weeks

Plant carpet border lilies in front of taller bulbs and perennials for a striking, multi-level display in midsummer.  Or, plant them alongside spring-blooming bulbs for continuous blooms and color for weeks starting in early summer.
As a cut flower, carpet border lilies can’t be beat.  Each stem grows several beautiful flowers that are long lasting both in the garden and in a vase.  Leave them undisturbed in the garden, and you’ll get more glorious blooms year after year as the bulbs multiply and produce more flowers.

Unique Color Combination in New Sugar Baby Carpet Border Lily

New this year from Breck’s®, Sugar Baby Carpet Border Lily offers the best characteristics of carpet border lilies and a color combination unique to Asiatic lilies.
At just 10 to 12 inches tall, Sugar Baby Carpet Border Lily is the lowest-growing hybridized Asiatic lily on the market.  It’s perfect for planting en masse along walkways or in front borders or pairing with taller lilies and other bulbs or perennials.  Its short stature allows Sugar Baby lilies planted in a group to form a true, dense carpet of beautiful blooms.
Sugar Baby is also one of the most prolific carpet border lilies.  It provides more first-year blooms than most lilies, and typically offers gardeners a longer bloom time.  And despite the short height, Sugar Baby still delivers large, 4-inch blooms, many to a stem.  Cutting one stem yields a whole bouquet of flowers.
Best of all is Sugar Baby’s soft, one-of-a-kind color combination that truly makes it stand apart from other Asiatic lily varieties.  Its petals are pure white with soft pink tips, a truly unique color combination for Asiatic lilies, which usually bloom in solid, bright colors (think orange, yellow and red).  The pink tips start small and extend as the bulbs mature.
Its combination of unique color height make Sugar Baby the only lily like it on the market.  Sugar Baby Carpet Border Lily is only available from Breck’s.


Breck’s is a mail order gardening company and importer of Dutch flower bulbs. Based in Guilford, Indiana, and Hillegom, Netherlands, Breck’s was founded in 1818. Breck’s is now the largest U.S. importer of Dutch bulbs.
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