by Greg Enslen, 09/19/12,

I’m a big fan of television, and I don’t subscribe to the notion that “there’s nothing good on TV.” But you have to be picky–for every episode of “Breaking Bad” or  it seems like there are 20 episodes of “I Can Sing Better than You” and “When Goldfish Attack.” So how do I figure out what to watch? I read up on the new season, looking for shows that sound interesting – or at least different. For good information, I buy TV Guide and read online sources like TV Line (


This fall, as usual, there look to be some great shows and some hideous drivel junking up the airwaves. I’ll take a look at what sounds good and what shows they evidently just put on TV to torture people—I’m looking at you, “Honey Boo Boo.”

And remember, folks—your DVR is your friend. Tape only the first episode of anything that sounds intriguing, and then delete the chaff and “record series” only on the stuff you like. And isn’t it if funny how we still say “tape” to record shows? I asked my three-year-old the other day if she wanted me to “tape” Octonauts (her favorite show) for her and she looked at me like I was explaining advanced fluidic dynamics.

September 15

“Saturday Night Live” returns for its’ 165th season, or something like that. For me, this show is borderline funny/annoying. Occasionally, they’ll have something funny accidentally happen or get a great guest host, but mostly it seems like a chance for “them smart folks” in New York City (that’s where they make the salsa!) to remind us flyover hicks about how dumb we are. Thanks.