by Greg Enslen, 10/03/12

I’m a big fan of television, but I’m sad when my shows get canceled. Over the last few years, I’ve learned (or, more accurately, been taught by the TV networks) to not get excited about shows until they’ve been on for a few weeks. Nothing makes me more frustrated than seeing a great show, getting excited about it, and then having it get canceled—sometimes only after a few episodes.

Every year, it seems like interesting and innovative shows like “The River” or “The Event” struggle to find an audience, yet the networks can always cobble together yet another singing or dancing competition show and get great ratings. Hey, I’ve got an idea—what about a show where they sing WHILE they’re dancing! It would be a hit, just as long as you include a panel of sarcastic judges.


I’m a fan of story. One of the reasons I became a writer is that I enjoy stories—and as hard as I try, I have difficulty finding a “story” in “Jersey Shore”—and no, following people around to see what happens to them is not a story. I’m looking for something crafted, teased, planned, plotted…