7 Quick & Easy Ways to Repurpose Content to Increase Brand Exposure


Ready to boost your brand exposure, engage your audience and increase conversions?  Repurposing your blog content is the answer to gaining true awareness to your brand.  You see, your blog content is at the heart of your content marketing strategy.  As you create relevant content that speaks to your buyer personas, you want to ensure that you maximize its reach by targeting various platforms that further brings exposure to your business and amplifies engagement.  Repurposing content is the way to make this a success. 

Use this 7-step checklist to repurpose content to enrich your content marketing technique and increase brand awareness:

#1 Publish quality-rich blog content

Repurposing content begins with a quality blog post that resonates with your target audience, positioning you as a leader and go-to source in your niche.  The ideas are endless when it comes to blogging, however, you want to ensure that you’re solving common problems in your niche that your audience is experiencing. 

Long-form content works best because you’re sharing immense value, it improves your SEO ranking, and it gives you a great foundation for this repurpose strategy. 

#2 Share with your email list

Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources (Source: QuickSprout).  Upon publishing your post, shoot a quick memo to your list sharing a few intriguing highlights from your post.  Use a catchy subject line to boost open rates.

#3 Design an infographic

Did you know that infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other type of content?  Infographics are highly effective in capturing attention and sharing lots of information that readers can digest easily.  Be sure to include this image into your inbound strategy to increase brand awareness and social engagement.

Finally, you can structure your infographic into a new blog post…and share that with your list!

#4 Post highlights on social media with visuals

Visual content is gold on social media.  More users are sharing videos and images on social media than text alone.  Use simple tools like Pablo by Buffer or Canva to design images that complement your blog content, then share it on your social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Utilizing social media management tool like Buffer or CoSchedule to schedule your content pieces can make you more efficient in your strategy.  These tools also let you know when is the best time to post based on your unique audience engagement, saving you a ton of time on guesswork. 

#5 Create short video series for YouTube

Videos rock when it comes to captivating your audience and building the know, like and trust factor with your brand.  You see, consumers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video (Source: Entrepreneur).  Not only do videos humanizes your business, you also boost lead conversion rates by implementing this content into your strategy.

Take the major key points in your blog post and turn them into a mini-video series.  Upload them to your YouTube channel and other video platforms, sharing them with your list and social followers.  Make sure you optimize your videos for SEO!

#6 Broadcast live-stream video with social followers

Instagram Stories, Periscope, and Facebook Live are extremely valuable in bringing transparency and authenticity to your brand.  Simply whip out your mobile device and shoot a live video about your blog content to engage social media followers and prospects.  You can further involve your viewers by hosting a Q&A session where they can ask questions live and receive immediate feedback.  Not only are you tuning into your fans, it lets you know exactly what your market is thinking!

Side note: Instagram Stories does not allow for live Q&A; viewers have to inbox you via Direct Messaging but you can still leverage this platform to get that one-on-one engagement.

#7 Convert into an audio for podcast station

Hire a translator on sites like Fiverr.com to convert your blog post into an audio.  This is an excellent way to consistently fill your podcast station with fresh content relevant to your audience.  It also gives your followers multiple ways to process your message that appeals to their learning style.

Bonus tip: Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Create “tweetable moments” by taking short key pieces of your blog post and feeding your Twitter followers with content.  The advantage to Twitter is that you can post multiple times and still be effective.  Be sure to include a shortlink that directs followers to your original blog content.


Simply following this checklist for your remarkable content will bring massive exposure to your brand, positioning you to increase traffic and lead conversions.  It also makes you more effective in your inbound marketing technique, working smarter to engage your audience. 

Ready to bolster your content and online marketing tactics to get in front of your target audience and increase brand influence in your niche?  Reach out to us here and let’s chat!


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