Matt Owen to Take Position With Bruns General Contracting


In an email sent out yesterday to Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Tipp City Partnership board members, Matt Owen tendered his resignation from both organizations where he served as the Executive Director.

In the email Owen stated “It is with great excitement as well as sadness that I inform you that I will be leaving the Chamber/Partnership. I have accepted the position of Construction Sales Manager & Commercial Agent with Bruns General Contracting.”

Matt was hired in 2007 as the executive director of the two organizations in a partnership agreement between the Tipp City Chamber and the City of Tipp City. Recently the position came under fire from several City Council members looking to cut costs. Matt has informed the organizations that his last day will be Tuesday, October 18th.

During his term as executive director for the Tipp City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Tipp City Partnership, Matt accomplished many goals and objectives for the two organizations. I’ll be covering Matt, his hopes for the new position with Bruns, as well as the organizational change plans in more depth beginning next week.


  1. I don’t know why Matt’s position has come “under fire”. Matt has been great for Tipp City. 

    The only people who should be coming under fire are those clowns on city council. 

  2. Wow, what a major loss to the Tipp City Business Community! This is what happens when politics enters in to a successfully ran organization or in this case two organizations. I belong to and serve on the Boards of many Associations throughout the Miami Valley and I can tell you Matt is at the top of the list of Executive Directors with his dedication and hard work that rebuilt the Chamber of Commerce and grew Downtown Tipp City Partnership.  It has been a pleasure to work with Matt and watch both organizations grow. Matt will be missed and this is a major loss to the Tipp city Community.
    Steven E. Gall/Member of Tipp City Chamber of Commerce

  3. Well it's our loss.  Matt worked tirelessly as the head of both organizations in Tipp City and we will soon feel the negative impact of his departure.  I hope the shortsighted City Council members that want to cut funding to the Downtown Tipp City Partnership and Tipp Monroe Community Services take note.  We will continue to see great talent leave Tipp City if we continue to take a shortsighted view to nurturing economic growth.   


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