Month Remaining on Streetscape Program


By Dana Rassmussen
Tipp City Herald

Excerpt: “To all those who feel like they’re back in driver’s education while maneuvering through the cones on Main Street: The end is near. City Engineer Scott Vagedes and city manager David Collinsworth said the construction of phase II of Streetscape should be complete by the end of September.

Vagedes said after the street and sidewalk construction is complete, the city will begin sodding and planting trees in that area beginning in October and November. Once the landscaping is complete, Tipp City residents will get a break from the construction as the third phase of the Streetscape project won’t begin until next summer, according to Collinsworth.

Vagedes said from his standpoint, the current phase of Streetscape has been the “worst” phase to reconstruct in terms of safety issues and infrastructure. “The sidewalk is adjacent to the curb so pedestrians are right up against 35 mph traffic,” he said. “People just didn’t feel safe walking their grandkids to the Dairy Queen; I didn’t feel safe.”

The pair both agreed that phase II also was more difficult than Phase I in terms of infrastructure. “Some parts of the roadway hadn’t been re-done in 35 to 40 years,” Collinsworth said. Vagedes said there were 100-year-old cast iron water lines still in place in some sections of phase II. He also said sanitary sewers had to be re-lined and more storm sewers were added.

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