Press Release – 48 STATES IN 48 DAYS TO RAISE $48,000—ON A BICYCLE: A...

Phil Nagle thought combining his passion for cycling with a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was a good idea. 48 States and over 8,000 miles later so did the Guinness Book of World Records. Phil is cycling across the finish line at 6pm on Monday September 14th, 2009 in his hometown of Tipp City, Ohio and is closing in on his quest to raise $48,000 for cancer research

Phil Nagle is glad to be home

So what does one have to say after a grueling 8,200 mile and 57 day bike trek across the United States? "I am glad to be home"

Katelyn Black pledges not to take City money

Fan of small government and one that does not interfere in the lives of local businesses and residents? If so, you may like what Katelyn Black has to say.

Harvestfest Halloween History – Part 2

We've discussed how Halloween was rooted in the harvest festivals of Europe in Roman times, and how the early Christian church combined the two festivals of All Saints' Day...