SPENT: SPENT for Jesus

Speaker: Mike Slaughter

Immersed in a culture of consumption, we are lured into loving many things. And when we get those loves out of order we miss the truly live-giving way of Jesus. Join us this weekend in worship as Pastor Mike calls us to a new season of commitment... SPENT  for Jesus  

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The Best Content for Search Engine Optimization

There are many articles about search engine optimization (SEO), and there are articles about how to write content. However, there are relatively few articles that emphasize content’s effect on SEO. This is unfortunate since content can make or break your placement on search engine results pages. In today’s article, we will discuss the content that will enhance and feed your SEO. If you walk away with anything, it is important for you to know consumer demand drives search engine innovation. Users want to go to Google, type in their interest, and receive back reliable, trusted information. To that end, search engines are designing their algorithms to … Continue reading The Best Content for Search Engine Optimization

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The Best Thanks Giving Ever: Week 2

During week two of our Best Thanks Giving Ever sermon series, we take time to thank our veterans and active military. We also welcome one of our own veterans to the stage for a special show of gratitude. Pastor Andy unpacks through his sermon the importance of remembering that when we can’t, Jesus can.

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SPENT: emotions well SPENT

Speaker: Chris Heckaman

Emotions: can't live with 'em - can't live without 'em. Life gets crazy, and we can blow up or bottom out - leaving a wake of destruction in ourselves and others. Don't miss week two of this series about the stewardship of time, emotions and money - and the richness of the life Jesus promised.   emotions well SPENT  

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