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Public eSchool Families Present “Golden Apple Award”

TIPP CITY, OHIO 10/30/14 – The Ohio eSchool Families & Friends Coalition, a non-profit school choice advocacy organization, awarded their annual Golden Apple Award to Senator Bill Beagle today.  In a small ceremony held in Tipp City, a grateful public eSchool family presented Sen. Beagle with his award. (A photo of the presentation is attached.)


“Senator Beagle has done a lot to protect my ability to choose this type of education for my family.  It was great to be a part of honoring him for his actions to support school choice in Ohio,” said Angie Loomis of Eaton.


The Loomis family has one child enrolled in an Ohio eSchool and one that graduated last year.  “eSchooling just works for our family,” said Angie. “It has in the past for our daughter and we see it being effective for our son.  If it weren’t a good place for him, he wouldn’t go to school there, because we as his parents know what is best for him. Sen. Beagle supports our parental choice and he deserves this award as a small token of our gratitude for that.”


“Each year our Coalition is proud to recognize legislators who have stood up for a parent’s right to choose the best learning environment for their child.  All public schools will benefit when we trust parents,” said Sara Donlon, Ohio eSchool Families & Friends Coalition President.


The Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition is a non-profit organization representing students, parents, teachers and others who believe in empowering families to enroll their kids in these innovative public schools. Our organization seeks to be a broad based group of stakeholders, including families, so that we ALL will have a voice in the public policy debates over critical school choice issues that will impact Ohio’s future, especially during challenging times.


For more information on the Ohio eSchool Families & Friends Coalition visit our website at www.OhioeSchoolCoalition.org.


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Zach Blair, a wounded U.S. Marine from Tipp City, will compete in a live webcasted sitting volleyball competition at the 2014 Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colo., TONIGHT at 8:15 MT.

To view the webcast, click here: http://www.dvidshub.net/webcast/5159#.VC2gFL5NzTQ

More about Lance Cpl. Zach Blair

** Story by Sgt. Justin Boling **

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A woman cheers from the stands. With her brown, feathered hair and her sleeve tattoos.

Her son will do everything he can to make her proud.

“He followed in my footsteps into the Marine Corps, said Kimberly, a Wounded Warrior mom and prior service Marine Corps sergeant. “I had him ready for boot camp before he stepped out the door. “We are the same person.”

“This gets us one step closer to being able to compete on the Amazing race.”

Kimberley Blair, urges Lance Cpl. Zach Blair, Marine team member on during the 2013 Warrior Games held in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The weeklong Para Olympic event pits wounded, injured and ill veterans from all branches of the U.S. military and a British team against each other.

“It is always awesome having my mom here,” said Zach Blair. “She is always there for me.”

Zach Blair competes in multiple events including wheel chair basketball and seated volleyball.

“This is an absolutely awesome program,” Kimberly said. “This is my time to get away and spend time with my son.”

According the Kimberly, the way the Corps treats it injured and wounded Marines has changed quite a bit.

“There is no place I would rather be,” Kimberly said. “If he gets selected for the team I will be here.”

Eric is stationed with Wounded Warrior West, San Diego, and his mother lives in his hometown of Tipp City, Ohio.

“Seeing me play was kind of her present,” said Zach. “ We get to spend some time together and enjoy the area when I am not playing.”

This year, Kimberly was able to watch her son’s team defeat the Navy and Coastguard 51-19 in wheelchair basketball.

“I never thought he would walk much less play basketball ever again,” said Kimberly. “We love basketball, he may even love it more than his girlfriend, don’t tell her that.”

“I tell him to let them judge you, but on the court take to them,” Kimberly continued. “Last year he scored more points individually then the entire [Navy and Coastguard] team.”

Zach was involved in car accident, which shattered one femur and destroyed a knee. It occurred while he was getting ready to deploy from Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Center Twentynine Palms, Calif.

“He had only been in the Marine Corps for about 18 month when the accident happened,” said Kimberly. “I remember the rough night after the late night phone call,”

“He was nearly 20 seconds from death after his accident,” Kimberly said. “I count my blessings each day.”

Read more: http://www.dvidshub.net/news/106846/marine-mother-cheers-marine-son-warrior-games#.VC2xWvmzHYh#ixzz3F1KUivmT

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On the eve of the Tipp City Area Community Foundations’ 71th birthday celebration, the Distribution Committee met for its third 2014 session to award grants. After reviewing many strong requests for funding, final selections were made.  Education and services for the needy such as dental care, health care and food staples were among the recipients. In the end, nine organizations were chosen to receive 12 awards totaling $22,037.68.


Bethel Local Schools, $2,366, packs up the 5th graders and helps to send them on an adventure at Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio. The grownups think the students are being sent to learn about nature. The students think they are being sent to have fun. The Foundations think that both the grownups and the students are right!


Bethel Local Schools, $1,695, customizes 3rd and  4th teaching toward unique learning styles.  The purchase of this computer equipment brings adventures into the classroom including virtual field trips, podcasts and web quests.


Bethel Local Schools, $625, replaces a marching French horn known as a mellophone for the high school marching band.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Miami Valley, $1,300, expands this mentoring program begun in 2012.  With a goal of 10 elementary-aged mentoring matches for 2013 met, bonds were formed that will shape young lives forever. Through this grant, some of those matches will now be able to continue into the middle school years.


Brukner Nature Center, $3,000, supports appreciation and understanding of wildlife conservation by supporting the expansion of the Wonders of Wildlife exhibit.  This nature center accomplishes its mission through education, preservation and rehabilitation.


Health Partners Free Clinic, $1,500, expands the computer hardware of the only free clinic serving uninsured and under-insured neighbors of Miami County.


Miami County Dental Clinic, $760, purchases a sterilizer for Traveling Smiles, Miami County Portable Dentistry.  This on-the-road dental clinic partners with school systems to serve children in need of treatment.


Needy Baskets, $5,000, helps this agency meet an expanding demand at the Holiday season.  Specifically, Christmas Baskets will be prepared for families that contain the ingredients for a traditional Holiday meal.


St. John’s Early Childhood Program, $350, provides for a visit from the Dayton Philharmonic String Quartet.  “The Three Little Pigs” will be this year’s performance.


Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,341.68, captures the imaginations of 5th grade students on a visit to Victoria Theatre.  “The Lightening Thief” based on Rick Riordan’s book series, is this year’s performance.


Tipp City Exempted Village Schools, $1,000, brings “The Rock Man” Mike Manning, a retired geology and earth science teacher, to 3rd grade students.  He will share his enthusiasm for rocks through a series of hands-on activities that include pantomime.


Tipp Monroe Community Services, $3,100, defrays the cost of the annual 5th grade excursion to Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio, which is now being sponsored by this local nonprofit.


Since 1943, the Tipp City Area Community Foundations has awarded $1,750,319 in grants as of December 31, 2013.  Members of the Distribution Committee are Jim Ranft, chair, Heather Bailey, Dave Grim, Claire Cain Timmer and Jackie Wahl.  Other trustees include Jesse Chamberlain, Joan Creech, Mike Lightle, Jim McKee, Marilyn Richards and Beth Ewald van Haaren.


The Tipp City Area Community Foundations is a member fund of The Troy Foundation.  If you would like information about how to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation, or how your organization can apply for a grant, please contact Jim Ranft at (937) 667-1270.


For more information about the Foundations’ volunteers, donors and funds, visit the web site at www.tippfoundation.org.


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8th Annual Spaghetti Supper is being hosted by the Soroptimist International of Tipp City and Upper Miami Valley. Event will be held on Friday, September 26th from 5pm to 7:30pm in the Tipp City Monroe Township Building (corner of Third and Main Street). This year the dinner is ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!!! Carry-out is also available. Cost is $8.00 for adult; children 10 and under are only $4.00. Spaghetti dinner includes salad, bread, beverage, and dessert. The proceeds support women and children in our community.