Game Plan: Week 2

Guest speaker, Gary Fowler, delivered week two of our Game Plan series. Gary unfolded what our Game Plan should be in raising and influencing our children (our children around us).

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Amazing Applications Of Ultrasonic Technology

ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic welding is an option for the finishing and assembly of plastic injection molded parts. Ultrasound means sound at frequencies above the range of human hearing (approximately 20 kHz). The word is often used as a nickname for ultrasound imaging, and there are also other applications in both the natural and the man-made world. Ultrasound Images Modern obstetrics […]

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Speaker: Rosario Picardo

"Bad ink" makes for great entertainment but terrible life-scripts. When we are limited to the messages around us, our perceived identity can fall short of all we were created to be. Don't let your past failures dictate your future possibilities. Join us for Part 2 of a message series we all need for the new year... ENOUGH Part 2: INKED

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Email Sequence Writing Tips and Strategies

email sequence writiing

Your email list is a huge opportunity to take someone from curious or mildly interested to loyal customer in just a few emails. How do you achieve this though? How do you take the person who just signed up for a free download through a sales journey that results in them hitting the “buy” button? Let Your Email Sequence Do The Talking An email sequence is a powerful tool that helps you convert leads to customers. However, many people find the process intimidating, or don’t know how to create the type of emails that get the desired results. Here are … Continue reading Email Sequence Writing Tips and Strategies

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