LOVE THE 937: LOVE the 937…because GOD is LOVE

Speaker: Mike Slaughter

God is LOVE - but what does that really mean in the midst of our own personal drama and cross-cultural breakdown? When we get a right and true picture of God it will transform us. It will determine our values and lifestyle. And ultimately it will empower us to -  LOVE the 937 ... because GOD is LOVE.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs

Digital marketing is vital for every business today. However, you can’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, you must learn from what others who went before you did. Fortunately, our 2016 Top Digital Marketing Blogs will help you get well grounded so you can quickly learn from them and grow your business successfully. Kissmetrics is a blog specializing in analytics, marketing, and testing. As you read through this blog you’ll notice how it shares accurate, specialized knowledge with you in an easily understandable way. This includes useful statistics, insightful infographics, as well as the latest studies and their statistics. There are lots of great information packed … Continue reading Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs

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That’s What He Said: Week 1

Main Point: We often trade the difficulty of scripture for the ease of culture when it comes to our view of sex and money.

Pinnacle Internet Viewer

Pinnacle Internet Viewer Now Available Parents and students in grades 4-12 can now access the newly updated Pinancle Internet Viewer using the grades link above.  The updated site is mobile friendly and continues to provide up to the minute i...