Guide to Grooming a Cat

Cat grooming; an irritated cat getting a bath

Believe it or not, cat grooming at home is possible. The thought of getting a bath from someone other than themselves might send your cat into a feline frenzy, but grooming your cat at home is easier (with fewer scratches!) than you think. All cats require some kind of grooming. Most cats are perfectly capable of grooming themselves; however, sometimes they need a little extra TLC when it comes to nail trimmings and the like. Grooming sessions aren’t just about keeping your feline looking fine. Keeping their coats clean, nails trimmed, and skin healthy offers physical comfort and reduces hairball … Continue reading Guide to Grooming a Cat

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Sculptures on the Square Now in Downtown Troy

This summer, Troy Main Street will once again bring Sculptures on the Square to downtown Troy. The 2021 Sculptures on the Square exhibition is a continuation of a very successful biennial public art exhibit that began in 2003. Throughout the years, Sculptures on the Square has featured a variety of artists from local and regional artists to the well-known Seward Johnson. Troy Main Street is preparing another exciting exhibit for 2021. This year’s art will be on display in downtown Troy from June 18 – October 4. Sculptures on the Square will focus on the theme “Taking Flight” and will

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Grab a Dozen for National Donut Day!

Donut lovers, get prepared!! June 4 is National Donut Day and who doesn’t like an excuse to eat these delicious little treats? But do you know the background behind National Donut Day? It actually has to do with The Salvation Army’s involvement in World War I. Volunteers were stationed at the frontlines to provide comforting meals to the troops, which resulted in the making of donuts. These volunteers were known as “donut lassies” and even used war helmets to fry multiple donuts at a time. Talk about creativity! Donut Day was then established in 1938 to honor those members of

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Why Dogs Eat Bees

a dog outdoors with a bee hovering over its snout; why do dogs eat bees?

Has your dog ever eaten a bee? If they have, you are aware of the concerning, yet adorable, transformation of their sweet little faces into puffy, swollen snouts. So, why do they eat bees, and what should you do if your dog chows down on one? If you aren’t familiar with the look, a quick search on Google will result in loads of hilarious photos of dogs who have had close encounters with bees. While it’s adorable and quite funny, a bee sting can lead to a more serious reaction from your canine. Why do dogs eat bees? There’s no real … Continue reading Why Dogs Eat Bees

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